5 easy ways to eat more spinach (your muscles will thank you, says science)

It turns out that Popeye was onto something: spinach may benefit muscle building. Here are 5 easy ways to sneak it into a meal.
Photo via Flickr/srqpix

By Alexandra Spunt for NoMoreDirtyLooks.com

It turns out that Popeye was onto something: Besides providing the body with protein, iron, powerful antioxidants, and a natural glow, spinach may also benefit muscle building. So much for the puny-vegetarian stereotype!

And since it’s such a health superstar, we’re going to tell you how to incorporate it into your diet without having to think too much about it.

Here’s why.

The Daily is reporting on a new(ish) study published in Cell Metabolism which showed that eating spinach may help muscles work more efficiently during exercise. Apparently the inorganic nitrate found in spinach does this by fueling mitochondria—the little engines in our cells that could—with more energy on less oxygen. The lead scientist on the study, Dr. Eddie Weitzberg, compared it to being able to run a car on less fuel but at the same speed.

Keep reading for more info and 5 no-brainer ways to add it to a meal…

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