5 London wellness hotspots worth their weight in airfare

Celestine Eleven Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute in Venice, the premier Kundalini yoga studio of Los Angeles. So it comes as no surprise that even when she was on vacation in London this past March, the yoga visionary was able to sniff out the coolest hotspots on the wellness and spirituality scene.

“The London wellness scene is much younger,” Jagat explains. “It’s what it was in New York City in 2002. There’s more innocence to it; you don’t have that ‘been there done that’ persona. But there’s a burgeoning mystic and healing scene there that the usual urbanite doesn’t know about.” So naturally, we asked her to tell us all about it.

Below you’ll find Jagat’s top picks from the London wellness scene. And note, she also strongly suggests those interested in meditation and mythic experiences venture outside the city to Stonehenge and Glastonbury. Now all you need is a plane ticket. —Jamie McKillop

Celestine Eleven 2 Celestine Eleven

This Shoreditch boutique sells designer women’s wear, jewelry, apothecary items, and books. “Tena Strok, the founder, is a cool cat fashionista-yogi who’s pushing an Aquarian concept into the mainstream,” Jagat says. “She sells wellness accoutrements among the couture, and they have a tea bar and multi-use gallery downstairs where they host yoga classes and more.”

E London Juice 4 East London Juice Co.

East London Juice Co. is a juice bar out of Boxpark Shoreditch that espouses an anti-diet, anti-cleanse juicing philosophy. “Cherisse Baker, the visionary and proprietor, is a girl after my own heart,” Jagat says. “Her green juice with gotu kola was literally so nourishing to my brain and body. Their concept shop is so clean, you feel amazing just walking in.”

Wunderworkshop Wunderworkshop

Notting Hill’s Wunderworkshop makes one thing and one thing only: golden mylk, crafted with cashew milk, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, and honey. “They’re not trying to be a full-service juice bar,” Jagat says. “They do one thing and they do it well. This is an ancient anti-inflammatory recipe that’s raw and vegan, and is absolutely delicious lightly heated.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.24.10 PM Pickle Catering

Pickle Catering is a bespoke catering company with a focus on sustainable, healthy, and balanced meals. “These girls make delicious, light-filled food for the pranic body,” Jagat says. (She should definitely have a spiritual food column.) “I had them deliver meals to me to keep me uplifted in the London fog, and I was more than impressed.”

(Photo: Pickle Catering)

Prowl Mag Prowl Magazine

While not technically a location, Prowl Magazine is a destination for Aquarian art and writing. “This young visionary, Lisa Luxx, is rewriting media for the Aquarian age,” Jagat says. “This is a beautiful art magazine she self-publishes, and her writing is revolutionary.”

For more information, visit ramayogainstitute.com or rama-tv.com

(Photos: Guru Jagat unless otherwise noted)

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