5 questions for Victoria’s Secret model and boxing badass Adriana Lima

(Photo: Urban Jungle Workout)
(Photo: Urban Jungle Workout)

Sure, it’s easy to picture Adriana Lima on the catwalk, but the gorgeous Brazilian supermodel defies the typical image of a stick-thin model with a waify, delicate constitution.

At last week’s #UrbanJungleWorkout, a charity event hosted by Amazonia Beverages at Chelsea’s Aerospace, Lima put on her boxing gloves and showed off her punches and plyometrics alongside her trainer (and former boxing champ) Michael Olajide, Jr.

The workout, she says, “was a good sampling of my workout with Michael. It focused on sculpting, cardio, and boxing, and it’s helped me stay in shape.”

We caught up with the strong-and-sexy Lima to find out more about her fitness (and other healthy) habits.

1. How often do you work out? I try to work out every day, but as a working mom, the schedule can get a little crazy. If I am not in the gym, my kids keep me moving!

(Photo: Urban Jungle Workout)
(Photo: Urban Jungle Workout)

2. Why is the Aerospace method your workout of choice? And did it take you a while to master some of the techniques? I’ve been boxing for 10 years with Michael Olajide, and he’s become a close friend. The best part about boxing is it’s never boring. It’s fun, intense, and is mentally and physically challenging. Michael changes things up all of the time to keep me on my toes. Jumping rope took me a while to master, but it’s so much about getting into a good rhythm.

3. What are some other things you do regularly to stay healthy? I’m a pretty healthy eater in general. I feel I am my daughters’ number one role model. So for their sake, and my own, I try to eat a balanced diet and in moderation. It’s also very important to stay hydrated. I’ve been drinking coconut water all of my life, and that’s part of the reason I’m so excited to partner with Amazonia Beverages. It’s something that I drink all of the time that’s healthy and delicious.

4. How do you manage the pressure and body expectations that come with modeling? I just try to be the best me. I live a very healthy lifestyle, so I enjoy nutritious foods and exercise.

5. Do you think its realistic for women who are not models to look to models for workout and healthy living inspiration? If so, what can they learn from you? I think you can look for inspiration in every kind of person. Some models and many non-models have great workout routines that we can all learn from. I hope women learn from me that no one is perfect and no one should try to be. But overcoming obstacles is one of the best feelings you can have. —Lisa Elaine Held

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