5 summer grilling tips (for veggies, fish, and tofu!) from Emeril Lagasse

Grill like a master chef with these five tips for grilling healthy foods from Emeril Lagasse.

By Mandy Oaklander for Prevention.com

At last, it’s open-flame season, and who better to celebrate with than renowned chef Emeril Lagasse? We went to the cookout king’s New York City kitchen for a feast of his grilled classics—including his brick-grilled organic chicken—and got the scoop on what it takes to grill like Emeril. Check it out:

1. What’s a healthy—but still delicious—grilling recipe?
Start with snapper, redfish, or grouper. Leave the skin on and brush and season it. Put it skin side down and don’t touch it. Add sliced lemon and herbs, and use a fish spatula so it doesn’t fall apart. It’s so simple, but it’s so delicious.

2. What’s a big mistake people make when it comes to grilling fish?
They set their grill too hot, and they don’t let their protein warm up. Take your protein out of the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. Brushing it with oil on both sides and seasoning it is the key.

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