A buff Chelsea Clinton is about to walk down the aisle. Where’d she get that body? (Cause it ain’t from Bill.)

The public knows next to nothing about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. But one thing's in plain view that we all know—girlfriend's looking fit.

The public knows next to nothing about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, except that it’s probably this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY. There’s one thing in plain view that we all know—girlfriend’s looking fit and toned. Is her next degree in personal training?

We give her an honorary doctorate in Spinning. Clinton’s down at Tribeca’s Soul Cycle nearly every day, according to sources who ride regularly there. She’s an intense, focused, disciplined rider, the kind you know never cheats on the long hills.

And unlike many public figures who send a press release every time they hit the gym (you know we’re talking about you Bethenny Frankel), the only time Clinton struts her inner-Lance Armstrong is when she lends her name for Soul Cycle charity events, like a recent fundraiser for Haiti.

While even less in known about the Clinton honeymoon than the Clinton wedding, our money’s on a bike tour through Tuscany.

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