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The 5 healthy habits Amy Schumer does every day

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Amy Schumer has been on a serious roll lately.

From starring in, writing, and directing hit movies to shutting down body-shamers with the help of famous friends, the comedian and actress is unstoppable. Oh, and she just nabbed the cover of Vogue.

But even though Schumer’s been a bit busy (there’s the TV show, a slew of movies—including a mother-daughter flick with Goldie Hawn and a sister comedy with Jennifer Lawrence—a comedy tour, and a book lined up), she’s still somehow found a way to keep up her healthy habits.

That’s right: In addition to talking up Hillary Clinton and her IRL leading man to Vogue (“We’re still in total honeymoon phase. It’s a real relationship,” she told the magazine), Schumer also revealed to them the habits that keep her grounded. And yes, many of them might sound familiar to Well+Good regulars.

So what’s keeping the comedian sane?

Here are the five healthy habits the star has incorporated into her everyday life.

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1. She is a devoted practitioner of Transcendental Meditation

Looks like you can add Schumer to the long list of celebs who credit TM as their ultimate relaxation technique.

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2. She gets weekly acupuncture sessions

Even when the comedian is on the road, she avails herself to regular check-ins with an acupuncturist. From enhancing training to keeping allergies at bay, acupuncture is known to heal of bevy of ailments—including stress and fatigue.

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3. She doesn’t touch caffeine

Despite the energy she brings to, well, everything, Schumer never has caffeine—seriously. Maybe she read our story about the Gisele/Tom Brady diet?

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4. She juices every morning

Even when she’s on the road, Schumer makes sure to start her mornings with juice. (Coffee replacement, anyone?)

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5. She focuses on prayer

Although Schumer generally induces sidesplitting laughter, she also has a very spiritual side. Before each performance, Schumer enforces a prayer circle with her family and crew. Think of it as a gratitude journal without a pen.

Need a one-minute gratitude fix? Try this! And if you’re curious about Transcendental Meditation, here’s why everyone from Amy Schumer to top CEOs are so into it.