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Barre3 launches a fitness and lifestyle app

Barre3_app_SadieLincolnBarre3 is one of those cult-favorite workouts that people love even if they live no where near the Portland, Oregon, flagship or one of its other 50-some studios around the world. So founder Sadie Lincoln’s about to make a lot of barre buffs happy with today’s launch of the Barre3 app.

Regulars can book a class at their local studio with it and get tips pushed to their phones, explained Lincoln on a recent New York visit.

But it also includes lots of 10-minute workouts that can used by anyone pretty much anywhere—like the counter in your galley kitchen. There’s also a really cute video inspired by a day Lincoln spent in Central Park, which makes excellent use of a bench for a sculpting yoga-cardio sequence. Check it out here:

And because the brand knows that toned abs are also made in the (galley) kitchen, not just at the barre, there are tons of healthy, seasonal recipes, which Lincoln created with a team of talented nutritionists and road-tested in her own kitchen.

Should you be inspired to turn on the stove and try one, there’s a genius feature that might be of help: it moves recipe ingredients into an easy-to-view shopping list, so when you’re cruising the aisles of Whole Foods you can make a beeline for what you need. And then save time for more workouts.

The Barre3 app is available for $4.99, www,