The 9 best health and wellness books of 2015

best-health-wellness-books-2015 The Well+Good office is always filled with new face oils to try, running tights to sweat in, and superfoods to test out in our morning smoothies.

But if there’s one thing that dominates our desks (quite literally), it would be books: Stacks of them, all waiting to be visually ingested, digested, and then—if we like what we read—shared with you.

Because let’s be honest: Few things can impact your life like picking up a good book. Don’t believe us? Just look at the many ways that Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (published in 2014, so it didn’t make this list) has affected people (Well+Good writers included).

Whether you’re catching up on your reading list or prepping your shelves for new tomes to inspire you in 2016, these were our favorite page-turners of the year.

1. Yoga for Life, Colleen Saidman Yee
The part-memoir, part-guide from the yoga legend covers everything from her battle with epilepsy and kicking a serious heroin habit, to the realities of the modeling world and the widely-reported-on affair that led to her finding her soulmate, Rodney Yee.

2. Bulletproof: The Cookbook, Dave Asprey
While we wait for Bulletproof’s global takeover, we’ll be busy incorporating Dave Asprey’s unique approach to healthy eating (like, oh, steaming your smoothie kale) into all of our foods—yes, that means beyond the coffee mug—thanks to this book of recipes.

3. Skin Cleanse,  Adina Grigore
The holistic skin-care counselor-turned-founder of cult favorite beauty brand S.W. Basics of Brooklyn serves up myth-busting insight in her first book. All of your burning questions (like, Is my skin naturally acne-prone, or is there something else at the root of the problem?) are answered, plus she provides a road map for making an about-face with your, well, face.

4. The New Health Rules, Dr. Frank Lipman
New York City’s most well-known functional medicine physician (and celeb go-to doctor) created this modern manifesto for living a healthy, cool life. Think nearly 100 simple ideas and tips that will change how you eat, drink, workout, and even sleep.

5. Inspiralized, Ali Maffucci
The blogger who officially entered “zoodle” into the healthy girl’s lexicon compiled some of her most delicious, inventive recipes into one cookbook. You’ll learn how to make edible ribbons out of everything from apples to zucchinis, plus creative ways to dress them up. If only a spiralizer came with it as a gift-with-purchase…

6. 10 Percent Happier, Dan Harris
After a very public panic attack, this ABC Nightline co-anchor discovered meditation through self-help gurus and brain scientists—and learned ways to finally understand and rein in the voice in his head. His findings inspired his book, which is like your cool uncle’s guide to meditation—all the facts, none of the “bullshit.” (His word, not ours.)

7. The Beauty Detox Power, Kimberly Snyder
Having already tackled beauty, weight, wellness, and detox, the Los Angeles nutritionist-to-the-stars takes a surprising stance in her latest tome: that food is just the beginning. From self-talk to gut health, Snyder presents a persuasive argument on behalf of taking care of not just the body, but the mind-body connection as well.

8. Crossroads, Tal Ronnen with Scot Jones and Serafina Magnussen
You no longer have to fight Bill Clinton or Jay-Z for a table at the Los Angeles haute vegan destination Crossroads; chef Tal Ronnen shares some of his most beloved restaurant-inspired recipes in his second cookbook. If the thought of making artichoke oysters with tomato bearnaise and kelp caviar in your own kitchen sounds intimidating, he also offers up direction for elevating the basics.

9. Unprocessed, Megan Kimble
In 2012, Megan Kimble did something many twenty-something, city-dwellers would find unthinkable: She went a full year without eating processed food. The end result is a page-turner that not only tells her personal story, but also explores what products really go through before arriving on supermarket shelves.

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(Photo: Kate Williams/Unsplash)


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