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This post originally appeared on The Zoe Report

We’re the first to admit how life can get pretty stressful at times. When we’re constantly connected to our (several) devices and in non-stop go-mode, it can often be difficult to find a balance. Although we as humans have developed many mechanisms to cope with stress, (hello, an entire bottle of wine) meditation is a tried-and-true stress-reducing practice that offers many science-backed health benefits like lowered blood pressure and a boost in your immune system. This ancient mindfulness technique teaches you to center your thoughts and slow down the mind in order to achieve a higher level mental clarity. Here, five guided meditation apps to get you started on the path of stress-free living.

Get Started


Headspace aims to train your mind to disregard external stimuli and focus on breathing techniques, which is the foundation of mediation. The app offers ten-minute daily sessions for beginners and fun animations that break down the basics of meditation.



Omvana offers a library of audio tracks for guided mediation as well as stimulating sounds to help you relax, focus, fall asleep faster and be more productive. The app offers hundreds of tracks featuring music, poetry, inspirational speeches and guided meditations lead by famous authors, teachers and spiritual leaders.



Buddhify is described as the mindfulness app for modern life. The app offers custom guided meditation tracks for anywhere you are—at home, walking around the city, at work or going to sleep. It also provides graphs and stats to track your progress.

To see the rest of the apps, head to The Zoe Report.

By Jasmine Pierce for The Zoe Report
This post originally appeared on The Zoe Report

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