Body By Simone launches BBS TV

Dance cardio queen Simone De La Rue just devised a way to extend facetime with her via her new series of streaming videos.

Body By Simone dance cardio workouts on BBS TV

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Can’t get to the flagship studio of Simone De La Rue in West Chelsea? Sometimes the dance cardio queen can’t either—she’s on a flight to London to train a celebrity client, or headed to LA.

So like other fitness innovators whose facetime can be extended using technology, she created and just released Body By Simone TV (BBS TV).

BBS TV is library of workout videos with De La Rue, including her signature trampoline, jump rope, dance cardio, and sculpting sequences, plus videos on lifestyle tips—all of which the fitness trainer says she’ll be adding to regularly. You can stream them on your computer, iPad, or smart phone. Cost is $29 for a month.

The production quality of the videos, which varies widely in this genre, is satisfyingly glam yet approachable.
Simone De La Rue weights workout BBS TV

“Basically I created BBS TV for those who don’t have access to our NYC studio and clients who travel constantly. I can’t be with all of my celebrities when they travel—so this was the next best thing.” De La Rue trains Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, and more.

The videos will be most distressing to your downstairs neighbor when you activate the trampoline sequence.

Currently there are advanced classes for BBS regulars, and those for beginners. For those without the choreography-remembering gene, the 20-minute dance cardio for beginners includes a brilliant breakdown section where De La Rue teaches the sequences slowly. I could see boning up on this in between classes at the studio.

There are also 10-minute targeted workouts for arms and legs, and 4-minute cardio-revving blasts with a jump rope or trampoline. They’re all meant to be mixed and matched, so you can to design your own workout, “and so your body, along with your mind, won’t get bored,” she says.

“We all lead busy lives, and require fast, to-the-point exercises that can be portable,” says De La Rue. “Slowly we’re moving away from the old fashion DVD, and carrying workouts on our laptops and phones.” If only these devices carried our running shoes and workout clothes, too.  —Melisse Gelula

For more information, to see a (cute!) demo video, or to subscribe, visit

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