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Brooklyn Bodyburn opens its Megaformer workout studio in Williamsburg

Brooklyn Bodyburn

Brooklyn’s first Megaformer workout spot, Brooklyn Bodyburn, officially opens today (Sunday, February 17) on the ground floor of The Edge condo complex. And it’s the picture of Brooklyn industrial chic. The walls alternate between gray cinder blocks and sky blue paint, with mirrors lining the big, open room—which is filled, of course, with 10 brand-new Megaformers. (It could probably accommodate more.)

Brooklyn Bodyburn
Passersby won’t be able to spot you sweating—a special window covering allows lots of light in, but from the outside, it looks like a brick wall.

Since founder Tracy Carlinsky was trained by Megaformer-creator Sebastien Lagree (and acquired the rights to open shop in Brooklyn from him), the workout feels similar to what you’ll find at SLT. She’ll just need the hours under her belt that those teachers have.

You’ll be lunging, squatting, and doing planks and pikes while one or both of your feet are moving the machine’s carriage. It’s a tough, sweaty session that results in shaking quads and (if you’re giving it your all) sore glutes and inner thighs the next day.

That should help Carlinsky convince the many young professionals living nearby to drop in for one of the 60-some classes she’ll hold each week.

Carlinsky thinks they won’t mind the lack of showers. There’s just a small entry way with a bench and key-code lockers for stashing your stuff, and one bathroom. And a small retail area sells Splits 59, Gaiam nubby socks, and juices from Love Grace Foods.

If all goes well, she hopes to open several more locations in the borough—maybe even one more later this year. —Lisa Elaine Held

Brooklyn Bodyburn, 32 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, $33,