The surprising way Cameron Diaz gets energized every morning

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You can basically call Cameron Diaz an expert on bodies. Her recent book (her second), The Longevity Book, is a deep investigative dive on the science of aging, and the actress’ first book is all about what it takes to nourish the body. So it’s no surprise she takes good care of herself.

“I look at well-being as a responsibility that I have to myself that nobody else can do for me,” Diaz tells The Cut in a recent interview. “I have to embrace and engage in it actively on my own.”

The star starts her day with a liter (yes—a liter) of water for energy. “I drink a liter of water straight down—I meditate, I work out, have breakfast, and I get my day started,” she says. “It’s very important to start your day off with a lot of energy. It’s about setting yourself up so that you can have a productive day.”

It’s strange to read about a celebrity that doesn’t start off her day with the typical hot water with lemon. But, actually, drinking a liter of straight water first thing in the morning is an Ayurvedic technique—it’s called Ushapan (AKA water therapy), and is credited with healing everything from asthma to colds to indigestion (in addition to giving you a boost of energy).

The rush of hydration to your body in the morning reputedly helps in the production of blood and muscle cells, flushes your lymphatic system, and purges toxins. So maybe it’s okay to ditch the lemon and just chug straight from a liter-size carton in the a.m. (Looks like Selena Gomez is on the plain water train, too).

Despite being ultra-healthy, Diaz does have one wellness struggle: sleep. “I would like to get more sleep, but I think that’s for everybody,” she says. “I just want to sleep more.” We’re right there with you, Cam.

How do celebs stay healthy while traveling? Well, they have some crazy methods—as well as some time-tested mindfulness practices.

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