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Arm full of fitness trackers


HuffingtonPostMany fitness trackers measure not only the number of steps you take every day and the calories you burn, but also your sleep habits, with some trackers even claiming to measure the time you spend in each stage of sleep.

Although it might be fun to pore over the data, sleep experts say they are skeptical of fitness wristbands’ accuracy in measuring sleep.

Popular trackers, such as the Fitbit Force, include a sleep mode that aims to provide users with some insight into their shuteye, such as how long they slept, and how many times they were restless or woke up. Some trackers go a step further: the Jawbone UP breaks down sleep time into deep and light stages, and the Basis B1 recently launched a new sleep analysis that aims to measure REM sleep in addition to deep and light sleep stages.

Keep reading to find out more about how accurately fitness trackers are for measuring your sleep…

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