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Celeb chef and cookbook author extraordinaire Candice Kumai knows a thing or two about multitasking (she’s a best-selling author who’s written a whopping five healthy cookbooks, and was a Top Chef contestant and a regular judge on Iron Chef America, for just a taste of her jam-packed resume).

But while she’s all about clean, green eating, the real secret to her success might just be sleep—plenty of it. “If I didn’t get a lot of sleep, I wouldn’t be able to be Superwoman!” says Kumai, only half-joking.

Here, we pull back the (boudoir) curtains on Kumai’s tea-sipping, super-healthy bedtime habits:

My bedtime: I try to get to bed early, sometimes as early as 8:00 p.m. My goal is to clock eight hours of beauty sleep a night.

My pre-bed routine: I use essential oils every night in my diffuser (I like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree), and I drink a cup of organic, chamomile tea. I never wear any makeup to bed. A clean face equals a gorgeous face! And I put in earplugs, as they can really help enhance deep sleep.

My sleep environment: There are no electronic devices in my bedroom—no TV. It’s just books, magazines, a reading light, and lots of plants and fluffy pillows. My bedroom is my sanctuary. I love it—it’s my safe spot and a haven for peace and meditation (I pray and meditate there every day).

My daytime, sleep-boosting secret: A nice long run, yoga, and meditation. A deep-tissue massage can also help make the night better. But in general, I find that just staying away from negativity helps me check out and get to sleep.

My sleep tip: Lavender! I sometimes make a really amazing cup of organic lavender-rose tea before bed. Get on that! You can also try using lavender essential oil, a homemade lavender bath soak, or lavender body lotion.

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