Cheat Sheet: Weight loss myths and facts

refine-method As any woman who doesn’t live under a rock knows, conflicting claims about the best way to lose weight are thrown at us at least once a day.

And while we’re partial to focusing on regular wellness habits that help you get (and stay) holistically healthy, weight loss is often one aspect of that journey.

Curious about some of the myths and facts associated with the process from a forward-thinking perspective? Check out these eleven stories, which address all different aspects of slimming down.

1. Can you lose weight eating whatever you want?
A new diet says you can lose weight while eating whatever you want five days a week. Yes, there’s a catch.

2. Is yoga great for losing weight?
You won’t get tips for dropping 3 pounds in 5 days from “the First Lady of Yoga” Colleen Saidman Yee. Instead, she explains how to use yoga for weight loss in a way that’s totally holistic.

3. Does lifting heavy weights help blast fat?
Here are 7 research-tested reasons to pump iron (including, yes, lowering body fat).

4. What are options besides fad dieting?
Within the dozens of books on how to change your diet, there’s wisdom…and then there are crazy claims. These six are smart and sane.

5. Can you spot-burn fat?
According to experts and research, spot-burning fat is impossible. Here’s what that means for your workouts. weight-loss-myths

6. Should you let your body count its own calories?
The author of the book The Calorie Myth says your body can manage just fine without a calculator…so long as you add the right food to your plate.

7. Do vegans burn more calories?
Vegans may benefit from a metabolic secret that accounts for their svelte physiques, say experts—supercharged, calorie-burning muscle cells.

8. How many calories are you really burning?
Think you just burned 800 calories at boot camp? Or 600 on your spin bike? Experts explain what will affect your very own, very subjective calorie burn.

9. And are you still burning calories after your workout’s over?
Why is your body still burning excess calories after you break a sweat? And what kinds of workouts deliver the greatest afterburn effect? Researchers and trainers weigh in.

10. Does TV binge-watching cause weight gain?
Turns out, researchers believes that a Gilmore Girls weekend marathon might sabotage more than just your social life.

11. What’s the deal with intermittent fasting?
According to this doctor (and a handful of studies) going from all-day grazing to seriously spaced-out meals will speed up your metabolism.

Originally published May 29, 2014, updated January 13, 2015.

(Photos: Refine Method; Christopher Campbell/Unsplash)

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