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Class Action: Circuit of Change with Brian Delmonico

Circuit of Change
Brian Delmonico leads a Circuit of Change class.

You might not expect a boot camp founder and instructor to present himself with bare feet and a ponytail, but Brian Delmonico is not your stereotypical meathead trainer.

Delmonico’s creator of the popular Circuit of Change studio on 16th Street—complete with a stone fireplace, Buddha statue, and plants everywhere. There, the former champion gymnast and Ironman melds yoga, martial arts, and common workout moves into a hybrid class that should be a cacophony of clashing melodies. But instead it plays out like an amazing DJ mash-up, thanks to Delmonico’s ability to weave it all together into a slightly wacky, fun flow.

Class, which has been called a mind-body boot camp, starts with yoga-ish warm-ups then moves into a fast-paced cardio-and-strength-training session that gets your heart-rate up and leaves you super sweaty. You’ll go from jumping jacks to boxer jabs to rolling side planks. Rolling, kicking, and jumping are all involved. And be prepared to shake your hips and hands in a kind of hippie shaman dance—or at least watch him do it.

Throughout the non-stop, hour-long class, Delmonico pushes you with the encouragement of a life coach (“Remember why you’re here, your intention”) and plays a soundtrack that switches between Sitar tracks and rock ballads. To keep up, both your body and mind will truly have to work. So after, you’ll feel both the muscle fatigue of a tough workout and a post-Savasana sense of calm.—Lisa Elaine Held

Who’s it for: Those who aren’t necessarily into traditional boot camps or HIIT classes but want results; those who like a positive message with their butt-kicking

57 West 16th Street, 4th floor, between 5th and 6th Avenue, and outside on Pier 46, $27 per class,