3 unexpected ways to use crystals, from the hip-hop world’s gem expert

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Crystals have been having a major moment lately. And no surprise: They’ve developed a reputation for being serious healers, whether you’re giving your home a dose of spiritual energy or using them to help with self-love and reflection.
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But if you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m not a crystal person,” you’re not alone. Just ask Devi Brown, a hip-hop radio host of The Beat in Houston and founder of wellness website Karma Bliss, whose own wellness journey wasn’t initially littered with amethyst and rose quartz.

The turning point for her was seeing just how powerful the beautiful gems could be. “I wore citrine, which is known as the stone of success, around my neck as a necklace, set an intention to it, and almost instantly I started noticing a difference,” explains Brown.

Inspired, she couldn’t help but share the revelation with hip-hop’s biggest stars, who regularly visited her at the studio. (Brown’s interviewed everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Nicki Minaj.) “It’s a great stone for manifesting your goals, while keeping you grounded and mindful, and so I just started to bring it up with guests on the show and gift them these cool crystals,” she says.

In addition to gifting citrine, black tourmaline is another favorite to gift to celebrities who visited the studio, as it’s very good at “preserving your space and protecting you from anyone who doesn’t wish you well,” says Brown. (Hmm, I wonder if celebrities experience that often….)

A recent celeb to get one of her high-vibe goodie bags, available on Karma Bliss? Schoolboy Q, who expressed interest after hearing Brown talk about them and ended up loving the energy filled, focus-inducing clear quartz.

With crystals becoming more commonplace (even Kylie Jenner has a makeup line named for them), they’re not just for healers and yogis anymore—and you don’t need to be an expert at crow pose to feel their amazing power.

Here are three ways to work with crystals in your everyday life that you probably haven’t thought of—explained by hip-hop radio host-turned-crystal expert (how cool is that?) Devi Brown.

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1. To help get you what you want

Brown wants to preface this one by saying that crystals are in no way a magic fix or a spiritual ATM—they’re not going to instantly change your whole world. But using them in an intentional way is powerful. “Change your thoughts, change your life,” she says. “And outside of just the vibrational goodness of crystals, the act of setting an intention in the hopes of making something happen, not only will make you notice new energies, but will also help you make better choices in life, helping you get closer and closer to what you want.”

Devi’s suggestion: Lapis lazuli—it’s said to enhance inner vision and truthful communication.

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2. To support you when you’re on that work grind

Depending on where you live and how busy you are, you can go weeks without seeing grass or smelling a flower. “As human beings, we are meant to be experiencing the awe and wonder of nature in every moment—and crystals do just that,” she explains. “Most crystals are millions of years old and, no matter where you are in the world and no matter how stressful life gets, holding something that is so ingrained in earth…reminds you to take a step back, view everything in perspective, and remind you to be grounded and connected.”

Devi’s suggestion: Serpentine—she says it deepens connection with nature, can act as a Kundalini awakening, and enhances communication with the earth.

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3. In place of your afternoon coffee

While you may rely on that matcha latte during your 3 p.m. slump, you can actually turn to crystals to give you a burst of energy, Brown says. “In fact, now that I work with crystals so often and surround myself with them, I actually can barely get more than a few hours of sleep—and I don’t ever feel overly tired or lethargic anymore,” she says. No need for an extra shot in your morning coffee? Sign us up.

Devi’s suggestion: Carnelian—it’s said to lend vitality and energy to the physical body, as well as enhancing courage and sexuality, she says.

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