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Cult-fave Wegmans is finally coming to New York City

This is grocery store trifecta.

Wegmans PA storefront

Rochester-based supermarket brand Wegmans announced plans to open a giant-by-NYC-standards location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard by 2017—and everyone is going totally crazy for the news.

Why? “To its devotees, Wegmans strikes the balance between the variety of a Whole Foods, the prices of a Trader Joe’s and the scale of a Walmart,” reports the New York Times.

In other words, this represents grocery store trifecta, particularly for Brooklynites excommunicated from the Park Slope Food Coop. And at 74,000 square-feet, it’ll be larger than the Red Hook Fairway and Gowanus Whole Foods (they’re about 50,000 and change). So maybe fuel up before you go? —Sarah Sarway

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(Photo: Wegmans)