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Cyc Fitness wants to introduce you to everyone in your spin class

(Photo: Cyc Fitness)
(Photo: Cyc Fitness)

From its inception, Cyc Fitness aimed to distinguish itself from other indoor cycling brands by creating an atmosphere that said “party” not “workout.”

Now, it’s pedaling closer to that goal with the launch of Cyc Social, a web platform that allows riders to connect with each other online—and then, hopefully, in the studio. “Social fitness is something I really believe in,” says founder Stephen Nitkin, who’s rolling it out in Cyc locations in Madison, Austin, and New York.

Last year, Flywheel debuted a feature that allowed riders to see which of their Facebook friends were in their classes. Cyc Social stems from a similar idea but then turns it up a few notches.

Instead of just showing you the people you already know, its “Social Seating” shows you each and every person who’s opted into the system and where they’re sitting. So you can socialize with your work BFF, say, and you can branch out and get to know the other spin junkies around you.

A snapshot of the Social Seating screen. (Photo: Cyc Fitness)
A snapshot of the Social Seating screen. (Photo: Cyc Fitness)

And while it partially pulls from Facebook, Cyc Social also allows you to create your own profile page within the system, sharing links to other social channels you’re a part of and further info about yourself, including charity dollars you’ve raised through the brand’s “Ride for Change” program (all of which can be turned on and off, depending on your sense of privacy). It also includes a “Social Calendar” so you can easily see which classes your friends are in, and, of course, the ability for you to share info on the classes you’ve booked on your social pages (i.e. workout bragging).

Cyc Social is just one more example of how fitness studios are increasingly becoming social destinations, for nights out with friends, networking, or even getting a date. Just don’t get too stalker-ish with that cute, muscly guy you’ve been eyeing across the room, okay? —Lisa Elaine Held

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