Dig Inn’s 10th location just opened—and it serves wine

Din Inn Seasonal Market’s new Nomad location looks more like a casual restaurant than quick grab-and-go lunch spot. (Photo: Dig Inn)

Dig Inn Seasonal Market, the popular lunch spot where healthy-leaning New Yorkers show up in droves for the roasted Brussels sprouts, spicy meatballs, and seasonal salads, just opened its 10th location—and it will serve local wine and beer.

The new spot is in Nomad (at 1178 Broadway and 28th Street) and has more of a casual restaurant vibe than grab-and-go lunch feel, starting with real plates (as opposed to cardboard containers) and seating for 40. Downstairs glass doors look into the kitchen, so you can see your kale getting massaged right in front of you.

And new menu items include local beer and wine from the Gotham Project, a company that distributes wine on tap, a system it says is better for the environment and results in a fresher taste, because of less oxidation. “By bringing these great partners together for our shared ideals of locally sourced, sustainable food and beverage at a great value, we’re able to offer a farm-to-counter dinner, alcohol included, for under $20,” says Dig Inn CEO Adam Eskin.

Chef Dan Holzman of The Meatball Shop also created a limited-edition turkey quinoa meatball for Dig Inn, which you can get at this and all Dig Inn locations, until November 30, and a percentage of sales are donated to Team Tassy, an organization that works to eliminate global poverty.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s around the corner from sweaty spots like SoulCycle’s latest NYC location and Doonya’s new studio, making post-sweat-sesh noshing even, well, easier. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, visit www.diginn.com


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