Doga during the Dog Days of summer

Oh, yes we did. Look no further for irresistible (or ridiculous) photos of canine chaturanga and puppy pigeon pose.

We couldn’t resist. The hot, sultry Dog Days of summer make us think of doga, or yoga for your canine BFF. Both adorable and ridiculous, doga pictures are irresistible. So check out these shots of canine chaturanga and puppy pigeon pose. Namas-dawg!

Seated spinal twist
Seated spinal twist
Downward facing dog with props
"You said that use of props is fine."
Happy baby pose
Teacher to student: "In happy baby pose, you need reach up and grab onto your own feet."

Dog doing handstand
Getting an assist for handstand.
Triangle pose with dogs
Pet as prop: Twisting triangle

Plank pose
Super active legs in plank pose

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