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Elena Brower’s postcard from Wanderlust

Elena Brower teaching Wanderlust
Elena Brower working the mic, while teaching a yoga class at Wanderlust (7.30.10; Photo:

We just received this postcard from Elena Brower at Wanderlust, who’s been teaching and filming a series of daily asansas at the four day yoga-music festival. She tells us what she’s been inspired by—and gives us glimpse of what we’ve been missing. The good news is, as the festival wraps up today, our yoga teachers are packing their bags for home with new skills, transitions, and tricks for class. It should be an inspiring (or killer) week of yoga in NYC!

Dear Well+Good,

Loving it here. Gorgeous breezes (bit chilly at night and in the mornings) and enjoying time with my son who’s here exploring with our angel Anna whenever I’m working. Highlight: seeing all of my fellow teachers roaming around, feeling a lot of gratitude for the work and the surroundings. We are very lucky to be sharing what we love in a such an incredibly beautiful setting. At Village Anusara there is an authentic tea house, which is a magnet for the chill outs.

Today I taught about precision and potency. When we are precise, in our foundation, in the attitude we host within ourselves, in our alignment, and in our actions, we are able to receive so much healing. This receptivity is a distinct potency that we bring to everything we do. Furthermore, when we long for something to shift (as we do so often), or for a behavior or tendency to ease within us, that longing is an indication that we are already whole and perfect. That longing to transform is our perfection, our fullness.

With great respect,