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The celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher demonstrates simple moves you can do to burn calories while also bonding with your little bundle of joy with her new son, Timothy. It's cute. Really cute.
Kristin McGee
Judging by McGee’s guns, small children are more effective than dumbbells. (Photo: Kristin McGee)


The thought of mommy-and-me yoga kind of makes us roll our eyes. But what actually happened after watching this ridiculously cute video of Kristin McGee was that we became gushy and happy and prone to fits of baby-wanting and compulsive Kripalu-retreat booking. It’s really that adorable.

And McGee’s releasing the video for the first time today, exclusively on Well+Good. Click to watch it here.

McGee, a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor, gave birth to her first son, Timothy, in July. She practiced both disciplines right up until his big debut. Then, once she settled into her new life plus one, she wanted to get moving again.

Kristin McGee“As a new mom, you feel like you don’t even have time to go to the bathroom,” she says. “But there are so many things you can do to fit in fitness with your baby. And you’re spending time with him, and not feeling guilty, but still getting a workout in.”

In the video, she demonstrates a few easy moves you can do while your baby’s sharing your yoga mat. These include:

Kiss-Me Push-ups: This is where you do push-ups while your baby lays between your arms, and you kiss him or her every time you go down. (Bonus: By default, you won’t have to go all of the way to the floor!) “At five weeks, he started smiling, and now when I kiss him and go back up I’ll see a big smile, and I love it.”

Butt Lifts: This is basically moving up and down into a bridge position while squeezing your glutes, with your little guy or gal on top of your stomach. Talk about baby weight. “He loves this because it’s kind of like he’s going on a little ride!”

And if you’re still not convinced, there’s always the most basic of exercises. “I’ve been walking with him since the day he was born,” McGee says. Which makes us want to see a video of it. —Lisa Elaine Held