One of Flywheel’s new Los Angeles studios comes with a big surprise—yoga!

Cycling studio juggernaut Flywheel Sports is opening two new studios in Los Angeles in January—and one will have yoga.

Flywheel Sports in Los Angeles

Cycling studio juggernaut Flywheel Sports is opening two new studios in Los Angeles in January.

One comes as a result of a recent purchase of Up Dog, a premier spinning and yoga studio in West Hollywood (8599 Santa Monica Blvd.), where celebs like Justin Timberlake, Nicole Kidman, and Cameron Diaz ride. The other, in Larchmont, has been in the works for a year.

It’s not the first time that Flywheel has acquired another spin brand. In New York, Flywheel purchased Ride the Zone, absorbing some of its talent, including Natalie Cohen (pictured) and founder Marion Roaman. In LA, Up Dog’s star teacher, Tevia Celli-Recht, will stay on as a master instructor.

But in a surprise move, Flywheel will be offering yoga, and keeping the Up Dog class offerings and community. “We’re not pretending to be an expert in yoga now,” says Alana Radmin, a Flywheel VP and spokesperson. “Incredible instructors like Jake Ferree and Aree Khodai will stay on and continue to do what they do.”

The only change will be the name— “Up Dog Yoga at Flywheel”—and yogis sharing lockers with adrenaline junkies. (The studio will likely add a classroom for Flybarre in 2013.)

While Flywheel is converting the Up Dog cycling studio, adding stadium seating, and tricking it out with performance tracking technology, Larchmont is being built from the ground up. Flywheel is also recruiting top tier talent for both studios, and has tapped popular bicoastal fitness guru Lacey Stone. Steven Little from New York has relocated.

What took Flywheel, which is in 10 states and Dubai, so long to open in LA? “We’ve been looking at the LA market for a long time, but finding the right space is a challenge,” says Radmin. Looks like they’ve landed two. —Melisse Gelula

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