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BuddhaBerry yogurt Hamptons Kardashians Sag Harbor
(Photo: BuddhaBerry)

The Kardashians may have put BuddhaBerry on the map (if you Google image search “Buddhaberry Sag Harbor,” you’ll see what we mean). But the frozen-yogurt company, which opened a Montauk location last year, and just debuted its second in Sag Harbor this season, is not just providing photo opps for paparazzi. It’s upscaling the fro-yo experience for healthy types.

Unlike rainbow-sprinkle-splattered shops, it serves toppings you might usually equate to a Whole Foods salad bar, like chia seeds, goji berries, hemp hearts, quinoa, raw cacao, acai berries, and flax seed, atop USDA organic-certified yogurts.

“It takes a certain kind of person to put chia seeds on yogurt. The majority of people don’t do that,” says Nancy Passaretti, the BuddhaBerry founder and owner. But she’s hedging her bets that the healthy masses are on the way. (And the number of fitness instructors in the Hamptons alone should do the trick.) In the meantime, BuddhaBerry still offers typical toppings like cookie dough and crushed candy bars for those doing a SoulCycle double.

Passaretti says she’s already purchased space for a third location in Southampton, set to open next year. So it’s safe to say that the yummy treats brand is embracing the spotlight. —Molly Gallagher

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