Post-election guidance from Gabrielle Bernstein

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Gabrielle Bernstein talks about dealing with the toxic brew of emotions many of us are feeling right now—with a video message that might just move you from despair to action.

Half of the country woke up Wednesday morning devastated by the election results. We feel rage, anger, resentment, and fear. While it’s important to mourn this loss, we must not be the victim—we must be the lighthouse. We can’t change the outcome but we can change how we experience it.

In this video I share my spiritual response to the election results. I hope this guidance gives you direction and inspiration.

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Recap of the steps:

Step 1: Honor your feelings and give yourself time to mourn. And acknowledge the chaos you’re feeling and seeing right now.

Step 2: Give yourself time to mourn and don’t rush to figure things out—living with confusion sucks right now, but it’s what’s most real. Be with that discomfort: Feel the fear, feel the anxiety. Intellectualizing is an ego game, so you’re not going to think your way out of it.

Step 3: Commit to kindness and compassion. Post in the comments below the ways you commit to show up in a greater way.

Step 4: Do something that brings you together with others: Plan a standing workout with friends, host a women’s dinner party—being in community right now is going to support you in healing and will help you feel less alone.

Step 5: Rise up. More on this soon!

Experts_Gabrielle_Bernstein_crop Gabrielle Bernstein is a member of the Well+Good Wellness Council, our handpicked holistic health squad that gives the best advice this side of your own personal guru.

She is also the best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back, Miracles Now, May Cause Miracles, Add More ~ing to Your Life, and Spirit Junkie. Gabrielle is also the founder of, a social networking site for women to inspire, empower, and connect.

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