The surprising green that will make your smoothie taste amazing, according to Giada De Laurentiis

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Photo: Giada de Laurentiis

Welcome to Wellness Confidential, our quick-fire interview series where we ask hard-hitting (okay, entertaining) wellness questions, lightning round-style. 

This week we’re chatting with Giada De Laurentiis: Italian food-loving star of Giada at Home on The Food Network, master chef, and author of various cookbooks that you’ve probably got lining your bookshelf.

Last thing I did before I went to sleep last night

Took a magnesium supplement to help me sleep.

The one wellness trend you’ll never see me try

Going vegan.

Workout I’m currently obsessed with

Stand-up paddle boarding.

My most memorable sweaty moment

When I was in labor with Jade—so painful.

The one place I’d never wear yoga pants

Out to dinner.

I firmly believe that a woman can never have too many


The one song that I’ve been playing on repeat

Everything” by Brian McKnight. It was just released and I’m obsessed.

Where I go when I need to be alone

My closet.

The one beauty product that I’m always replenishing is

My sunscreen.

If sugar was a superfood, my diet would consist of

Chocolate and more chocolate!

The last time I used my oven

Last night I made my favorite snack for [my daughter] Jade and me—a re-creation of a muffuletta sandwich like I serve in my restaurant, but on a Triscuit. I topped the Triscuit with provolone cheese, mortadella sausage and piquillo peppers, then popped it in the oven until the cheese melted and was perfectly gooey.

I never make a smoothie without adding


My mantra of the moment

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I’m trying to drink at least two liters of water a day.

If I were a fruit or vegetable, I’d be

Passion fruit. They’re unique, unpredictable, a little prickly, and also sweet.

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