Hit the reset button with these 3 cool detox programs

Still exhausted from the holidays? Harshing on yourself for lack of 2014 focus? These cool January detox programs can help.
energy_snow Still exhausted from the holidays? Harshing on yourself for lack of 2014 focus? Thinking malevolent thoughts about the guy who jumped the grocery store line? These cool January detox programs can help.

We’ve found three very different healthy lifestyle programs to help you hit the restart button this January. One gets you detoxing on a bike in a pool (you heard us right) and another with coaching over email and a third is an intelligent excavation of your unhappy behaviors and eating habits.

Of course, all aim make you feel like a million glowing bucks and want to help get you clear, eating well, and pumped for a healthier lifestyle. Read on to find out which one’s right for you… —Sarah Sarway

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Dana James
1. Winter Rejuvenation and Cleanse Program with Dana James
January 13, 20, 27, February 10, 17, 7:00–8:30 p.m., $490 in-person program or $300 online

Somewhere, in the silence between the pulses of your Vitamix creeps in a familiar voice, telling you to reach for your roommate’s stash of sugar cookies. Maybe you do and maybe you don’t go down Tollhouse Road, but either way you find yourself deep in a mental battle. Sound familiar?

Through her multifaceted workshop, Dana James, a triple-board-certified New York nutritionist, will teach you how to cope with the cravings by understanding where they come from, on both a scientific and emotional level. James has a pretty kick-ass background in both cognitive behavioral therapy and functional medicine.

You’ll see the beauty that natural foods have to offer (making even the most intricately iced goodies look blah!), and make self-truce when you’re tempted off-track. And the five-week program comes with tons of material, including a meal plan. You can even stream the workshop online, so you don’t need to live in New York to enroll.

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AquaCycle with Emma Galland 2. 2014 AQUAChallenge: A Clean Start
January 11 and 25, 1:30 p.m., $180–$450; in-person program

This workshop, at Aqua Studio, one of the most buzzed-about New York studios, wants you to take the health plunge with an experience that includes the purifying properties of workouts in water to pedal your bod into shape, while learning how to leave bad carbs and sugar in your wake.

Out of the pool, a 10-day Detox program is lead by Master Aqua instructor and holistic and nutrition expert Emma Galland, and it comes with two big workshops, a Detox Guide, meal guide, email support, and gift bag ($180). You’ll learn why you crave what you do, what to eat instead, and how to cook natural foods with major appeal. You can add two weeks of Aqua Cycling classes for the full workout-workshop program ($450) or just do the Detox program.

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Britta Arragon 3. Detox Your Life with Britta Aragon
January 20, $379; phone and email program only

Still suffering from lack-of-energy and a stressful holiday season? Your “toxic load” could be the root of your sluggishness—and a load of other symptoms like acne, bloating, anxiety, and stress, explains expert Aragon, who’s an author and clean living guru.

Through her month-long virtual program, you’ll learn how to successfully detox bad habits and bad thoughts, with professional coaching all along the way.

Following an in-depth lifestyle assessment, you’ll chat over the phone with Aragon for two coaching sessions to prep you for your detox. The program is delivered straight to your inbox in bite-size pieces every morning to keep you on track.

She’ll be on call to answer questions and offer encouragement throughout the journey by way of her email, daily inspo, and tons of extra material to help you make it to the very end. For more information or to book, write info@cincovidas.com.

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