Cheat Sheet: How to get better sleep

insomnia cures There’s nothing more frustrating than getting into bed after an incredibly tiring day, only to lie there for the next two hours tossing and turning (while counting down the time until your alarm wakes you up for that early workout).

And while NyQuil may provide a tempting quick fix, it will make you even drowsier in the morning and won’t help you figure out how to get quality shut-eye that leads to all-day energy in the long-term.

To help, we curated a list of top Well+Good stories that address insomnia and how to remedy it naturally, no pill popping (save for some melatonin) necessary. —Jamie McKillop

1. Your Yoga Prescription: How to get to sleep when insomnia strikes
No, watching endless Youtube videos or your Instagram feed won’t help. Get Tiffany Cruikshank’s recipe for helping your nervous system slow down instead.

2. Power Swaps: The best way to get a great night’s sleep
Turns out, you may be using your alarm clock in totally the wrong way. (Yes, really.)

3. Can you shop for better sleep?
Sleep Studio is not selling mattresses. It’s selling sleep.

4. 7 easy things you can do for faster, better sleep
When was the last time you actually wound down your day to get ready for bed? Sleep experts say these better bedtime practices payoff in better shut-eye.

5. 5 natural sleep supplements that actually work
How to get a solid night of shut-eye without a prescription? We asked MDs which natural remedies really do the trick.

6. Study Hall: A good night’s sleep may prevent overeating
Researchers found that sleep-deprived people consumed 549 more calories per day than those who got a full night’s rest, regardless of physical activity.

7. 5 expert tips on getting more quality shut-eye (and why you really need to make it happen)
Time to quit Netflix marathons and start counting sheep past 10:00 p.m.


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