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Alarm clock in morning


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We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t tempting to hit snooze. Considering around 35 percent of us get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night, who wouldn’t want just a few more minutes of undisturbed slumber?

The problem is that snooze-button sleep is inherently disturbed slumber and may be doing more harm than good.

Those first few moments of the morning—when we’re likely to be hitting snooze—are pretty crucial in how the rest of your day goes. “In the early-morning hours, our brain starts preparing our body to wake up before we actually are conscious,” Michael Decker, Ph.D., a sleep specialist and associate professor at Case Western School of Nursing, tells The Huffington Post. “The way we wake up really sets our tone for the day,” he says.

Keep reading to see how to kick your snooze-habit for good…

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