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gluten-free probioticIf you’re in on the gluten-free revolution, there’s a good chance you’re a pro at spotting wheat-containing ingredients on labels. But what happens when the label on a food product or supplement bottle flat out lies to you?

According to the results of a new study conducted at Columbia University, many of the country’s most popular probiotic supplements—even those labeled “gluten-free”—contain gluten, reports the New York Times.

This is a pretty big deal since many people with serious Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance take probiotics to help with their gut-health issues.

“People use these natural products in an attempt to be healthy. Yet it’s a very poorly regulated industry,” Dr. Peter H. R. Green, the author of the study, told the Times.

Hopefully, these findings will lead to more regulation. In the meantime, may we suggest you give one of these gut-friendly superfoods a try? —Sarah Sarway

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