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Photos like this one of Jivamukti's founders, David Life and Sharon Gannon, don't exactly encourage full-coverage clothing in class

Jivamukti has a new rule at its Union Square studio: No shirt, no shoes, no yoga. (Okay, we’re lying about the shoes part.)

But a regular Jiva practitioner tipped us off to a new set of rules that has been posted at the famed studio.

Our yogi source said the new rule stated that “people must wear tops in class and that see-through or overly revealing clothing was discouraged.”

Sounds like the studio’s been having a bit of an issue with a few too many bare chests.

But maybe the offenders were just taking cues from one of the studio’s figureheads (ahem, David Life), who is very often pictured without a shirt, or from the large group of Jiva teachers who posed naked for PETA last year?

Either way, it’s an interesting directive from a yoga studio—one we’ve never seen before and can’t help wondering if other studios have also considered.

What do you think? Should studios dictate how much clothes their yogis wear? How much skin exposure is warranted in yoga class?