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Juice boom update 2012

green juiceSurvey Manhattan’s juice landscape (with our handy new map!), and you’ll notice lots of new details to sip on from this time last year.

Juice Generation opened in Columbus Circle this week. Expect another on 86th and Broadway in March 2013, and many more currently in “various stages of development.”

Organic Avenue opened four new boutiques in 2012 and will open two more before spring. Juice Press has six soon-to-come outposts listed on its website (plus two more “in negotiation with landlord”), and Liquiteria told us of bold expansion plans a few months ago.

Not to mention the fact that you can grab a BluePrint juice at any Whole Foods, and new healthy juice-peddling spots have debuted, like The Butcher’s Daughter and Hu Kitchen. Even coffee shops are getting in on the action—both City Bakery and Kaffe 1668 added juicers next to their espresso machines.

It doesn’t look like the cold-pressing and blending is going to slow down any time soon.