Kale couture: the dark leafy green’s fashionable turn

Kale has gone from beloved vegetable to fashion statement. In addition to delicious salads and smoothies, kale also make great couture.

Check out these t-shirts, left, where kale plays the role of your alma mater. Pick up your own, or the red Beet version, at Candle Cafe for $20.

Looking for something more farmer’s market than Preppy Handbook? Check out these “Eat More Kale” t-shirts ($25) designed and made by Vermonter Bo Muller-Moore. Originally two farmer friends asked Bo to whip up this tee for them to wear at the farmer’s market. To their surprise, customers wanted to buy the tee just as much as their produce, and Bo started selling them on-line at his new website called www.eatmorekale.com where the silk screener shares his Slow Food philosophy. They are now his best-selling tee. So Marc Jacobs and Cynthia Rowley take note, kale is ready for its couture turn. Maybe a canvas green market tote? —Alexia Brue

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