Kama Sutra launches pourable massage candles

As the candle melts, the wax actually becomes a massage oil.

Kama Sutra massage candlesEconomics 101 classes teach the concept of complementary goods: Bread and butter. Champagne and caviar.

Candles and massage oil? It was only a matter of time before someone combined the two.

This month, the Kama Sutra Company will debut its new line of massage candles. As the candle melts, the wax actually becomes a massage oil. Use it as a hydrating, après-bath treat. Or for other, ahem, activities.

The new line includes four sexy scents: Island Passionfruit, Deep Ocean, Tropical Plumeria, and Mediterranean Almond.

Best of all, the wax is paraffin-free and made from all-natural shea butter and jojoba oil. Now, that’s a combo we’ll melt for. —Carla Vass

$18.99, www.kamasutra.com

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