Kate Middleton’s royal-approved recipe for curbing sugar cravings

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Yes, her highness gets sudden attacks of sweet tooth, just like the rest of us.

Ever wonder how a princess gets her sweat on? Or how a princess conquers her sugar cravings? Oh, only since we were toddlers enchanted by the Disney princesses of yesteryear—which is probably why the world is obsessed with our modern-day princess in the flesh, Kate Middleton.

We already know which (all-natural) facial oil keeps Middleton’s face glowing. But now we can work out and snack like her too—with ingredients we probably already have in our fridge. Apparently, the royal Mrs. can have sudden attacks of sweet tooth just like mere mortals. So how does Middleton deal with it? By making a smoothie, of course.

According to the International Business Times, whenever her royal highness is in the mood for something sweet, she throws together a puree of almond milk and berries. And she does allow herself the occasional treat of dark chocolate or gummy candies (super relatable!). As for what she’s eating on the reg: It’s a healthy diet of fresh fruits, juices, vegetables, and lean meats, Hollywood Life reports.

And what’s the rest of the Princess Protocol? The famously sporty royal gets in a daily run or swim—and even drags Prince William with her, according to Hollywood Life—plus she works out with a personal trainer. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, she makes sure to do something to get her heart rate up every day. Kate, how about a five-minute full-body workout? Bookmark this page—and let us know how you like it!

Why ditch the sugar, you may ask? For the sake of your skin, for one thing. And if you need a guide on sugar replacements, we’ve got you covered.


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