This outdoor meditation is a genius de-stressing tool

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Photo: Lexie Van Valkenburgh

Picture yourself on a long hike in the woods.

The smell of fresh air, the skyscraper-free views of the blue sky, the serene silence (interrupted only by the occasional chirp from a nearby bird)….

If that description alone has you feeling like you’ve just popped a Xanax and are seriously chilled out, you’re not alone; the de-stressing nature of, well, nature is exactly why Kelly Morris starts every Infinity Call, her daily guided meditation service, at the foot of a giant tree within a large forest.

Although the meditation is led over the phone for all participants, Morris always recommends immersing yourself in real nature.

“Whenever I can sit in an actual forest, I do,” she explains. “The earth is a wondrous being. Each time we connect our skin to her green, we are drained of free radicals and infused with negative electrons—basically what every shelf at Sephora promises to do.”

While it’s a pretty big claim, you can’t argue with the fact that at the very least, it’s a supremely stabilizing setting. “When you connect to nature, she instantly calms you and restores your sanity,” Morris adds.

Stuck in the city for the summer—or just can’t wait until your next weekend getaway? You’re in luck: Morris has shared a sample Infinity Call meditation for you get to get your Zen on, whether you’re camping in the forest or just hanging out by a tree in the park.

Check out Kelly Morris’ do-anywhere meditation below!


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