Lithe opens its first cardio-cheer-sculpting studio in New York this fall

Lithe, which has four studios and a huge following in Philadelphia, has finally secured a space for its popular cardio-cheer-sculpting classes in the Flatiron.
lithe method nyc
The Lithe Method uses bands for flight and proprietary props you've never used in your barre class before


After a rotten real-estate search slowed their plans for a NYC flagship, the Lithe Method has finally secured a space for its popular cardio-cheer-sculpting classes in New York.

With its ground-level storefront at 32 West 18th Street, the boutique fitness brand behind all of the firm (and bouncy) behinds in Philadelphia will be right at home in Union Square/Flatiron, among other hotspots, like Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle, and Refine Method.

Lithe NYC will the fifth studio of founder and former U.S.C. cheerleader Lauren Boggi Goldenberg. And it sounds pretty sweet:

“Our fresh, modern, authentic, and optimistic lifestyle space is 4,200 square feet with bamboo floors. We’ll have two studio spaces, each with our Higher Power Band System—we’ll be opening with our long-awaited patented system which allows for so many ways to ‘fly,’” says Goldenberg.

New Yorkers take note: Your feet leave the ground way more than the average workout, as the photo (above) illustrates.

Lithe resistance bands and barre ankle weights

As a method, Lithe also uses more props than the Met Opera.

So, in addition to barres and weights, you’ll encounter such devices as Pony, Hot Legs, Cinch Bands, Ultra Lithe Tall Box, weighted gloves, and more. And expect a roster of classes with sassy, results-oriented names like Skinny Jeans, Waist Not, and Sweet Cheeks.

The studio will have a locker room—with showers!—and a tricked out retail space stocked with the company’s “lean, local, and seasonal Lithe Foods” and (smoking hot) Lithe Wear clothing.

Goldenberg says she’ll gladly spend the summer wearing a hardhat to get the studio open by mid October. “We’re thrilled,” says the fitness innovator, who isn’t daunted by the work ahead or the neighborhood competition. “New York City has been waiting a long time.” —Melisse Gelula

For more information about the Lithe Method, call 215-545-5144 or visit

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