Live from Lululemon’s Yogabowl Warehouse Sale

We've got a writer among the racks of Luon at Nassau Coliseum this morning to report back on what's available, prices, the tailgating scene, and more.
Lululemon Price List
The price list at the Lululemon warehouse sale. Bras are $22; shorts $29; tanks $32; pants $55; tops $39; crops $45; jackets $69.

Lululemon’s massive Yogabowl Warehouse Sale kicks off today at Nassau Coliseum. We sent our senior staff writer, Lisa Elaine Held, on a mission to sort through the piles of Luon and report back…

Deciding whether or not to go to the sale this weekend? Read this first!

7:40 Leave apartment in Astoria.

8:25 Waiting on the train platform in Jamaica. It’s freezing and the train is late. My fingers are almost too cold to type this. Maybe they’ll have cheap gloves? Also, praying to Krishna (is that something you can do?) that the “tailgating” will involve coconut water and coffee. There was way too much wine at my book club last night.

LIRR ticket cost $11.50 for round trip–that’s from Jamaica though. It would be slightly more from Penn.

8:53 Arrive in Westbury. Found four city girls also looking for the shuttle. You have to walk under the tracks through the tunnel to the street to get the shuttle. It’s waiting for us and it’s a….school bus! Ha! There are 10 of us on it so far. A guy just got on and the driver said, ” Woah! A gentleman actually!”

8:58 Shuttle is on its way!

9:04 Women discussing Bikram on the bus. “If it’s carpeted, I don’t go.” “Yeah, that’s disgusting.”

9:07 Omg, someone just quoted one of my stories! “I just read about a new Bikram studio in Herald Square. It’s the high-end version of Bikram. I want to go try it based on the review.”

9:15 Arrive at the coliseum. Total trip time: 1 hour 35 minutes.

9:19 Line is crazy to get in!! Maybe 100-150 people waiting to get in. We’re not moving.

Lululemon Warehouse Sale YogaBowl
“The line hasn’t moved an inch in 20 minutes.”

Bag check is very thorough. The TSA has nothing on the Lululemon security guards.

9:30 Line is getting longer and longer, like REALLY long and we still haven’t moved. Screaming kids. Apparently the “no strollers” rule was ignored. A security guard makes this announcement: “You will be going from line to line to line. The lines inside are even worse. You’re not going to get out of here in an hour. Get used to waiting in line.” This feels a lot more like going through security at JFK then the super fun tailgating party that Lululemon promised.

9:33 Some people leave. “I don’t have time for this.”

9:37 One line is moving- people that got here after us. People are mad. “This is very upsetting.” Still not going anywhere.

9:40 An employee just held up a sign that said “Wait is 1 and a half hours.”

9:48 I feel really bad for the people who are just here trying to buy Islanders tickets. I really have to pee and am starting to think that is going to be a huge problem. Also, should have brought sustenance. No sign of tailgating snacks yet. Still not moving.

9:52 Still no signs of the tailgating party and entertainment that Lululemon promised. This is actually just like football. Lots of people standing around. Very little action.

9:55 Going in!!

10:00 Just kidding! We just got to move downstairs to yet another, longer line. They just said it’s another 30 minutes until we’re in. There’s a pub down here but it’s closed. Too bad. Haven’t seen any entertainment or festivities yet other than one TV showing tweets coming in about the sale and very loud Adele.

Yoga Enthusiasts Take To The Stage
Yoga enthusiasts take to the stage.

10:24 Just got into the main sale room and there’s another line until they let us loose!! There’s a stage where a bunch of people are doing push-ups and other exercises. It appears to be some sort of contest for entertainment but the sound system is so bad I can’t understand anything they’re saying. Definitely isn’t helping.

I did get a glimpse at the price list!! The discounts aren’t as step as I hoped. Pants $55, tanks $32…

10:45 I’m in! Total wait time was an hour and twenty-five minutes.

Shop By Size
A look inside the sale. Clothing is organized by size.

11:05 Sixty-nine dollars for jackets? Prices aren’t as discounted as expected. People are definitely still shopping though.

11:14 There is a limit on clothes you can buy: 20 Lululemon pieces, 20 Iviva. Clothes are organized by size and everything is really neat and tidy. No crazy, sample-sale elbowing vibe going on. It feels like it should be more crowded based on the line.

11:17 Crops are pretty solid: Some Power Ups, a few Wunder Unders, Astro pants, and occasional Groove Pants, but rare. Lots of Studio Pants. Some cute tanks–The Y and Scoop Me Up in nice colors in smaller sizes. There are a lot of jackets, running stuff, and the Scuba Hoodies that people love. Overall though, it’s a lot of weird patterns and colors and looks like stuff that probably didn’t sell. Accessories are particularly weak—hardly any.

Overheard: “I didn’t really find anything.” A girl on the phone to her friend across the room: “Are you disappointed? I’m gonna cry.”

11:33 They added some cheerleaders to greet people. Also, the line has gone down a lot! Barely anyone waiting now. And there are some yogis doing demonstrations on the stage.

Pants Lined Up
A good selection of crops await shoppers this morning.

12:36 On the platform waiting for the train back. Almost everyone waiting is a woman with a Lululemon bag. I ask around to see what people thought. Some feedback:

“I’d say it was just ok, but we did get good buys. It was definitely worth it.”

“I only got a few things but it was fun and totally worth it.”

“I don’t know that it was worth it for me but if I hadn’t gone, I would have felt like I missed out.”

On the train, girls are holding up tanks and bottoms, comparing their loot.

“There wasn’t enough variety–it was more like a lot of a few things.”

“If you’re really particular about what you like, it’s probably not for you.”

Snapshots from the event:

Shoppers Rummage Through The Merchandise
Shoppers rummage through the goods.
Pant Selection
“Overall, it’s a lot of weird patterns and looks like stuff that probably didn’t sell.”
Cheerleaders Usher In Shoppers
Cheerleaders usher in shoppers later in the morning.
Top Patterns
Tops lined up at the sale.

Deciding whether or not to go? Read this first!

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