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Lululemon pulls accidentally see-through pants from its stores


Lululemon’s famed fabric, Luon, is known for making butts look great. Now, it may make your butt look like, well, your actual butt.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company had to pull some of its yoga pants from the racks this month, after noticing that the Luon was too sheer for comfort. The see-through glitch applied to 17 percent of the bottoms Lulu had in stock, and the company expects it to reduce its first-quarter sales by about $10 million. (The announcement caused its stock to fall by six percent.)

We witnessed the issue first-hand (thankfully not on someone else in class during downward dog), when a pair of crops we tried on revealed our no-show underwear and much more. (And Lulu is not a total stranger to incidents of showing too much skin.)

While the pants have vanished for now, maybe we should be extra careful before buying bottoms at the next big warehouse sale?