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Madonna launches a fitness empire

Madonna after a workoutAs New York’s favorite fitness-crazed celeb, Madonna is known for her embrace of boutique gyms and a revolving door of personal trainers—from her days as a serious yogi and her dance cardio workouts with Tracy Anderson, to sculpting her core with Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3.

Now, the same Madge who flew Lincoln in from Oregon so she wouldn’t have to leave New York City is opening her own line of luxury mega-gyms—with the first set to open mid-November thousands of miles away…in Mexico City.

Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness Centers (named for her 2008 CD) will feature a spinning studio, a mind-body studio (for yoga and BarWorks, among others), a juice bar & cafe, saunas and steam rooms, and of-the-moment training tools like the TRX suspension system.

“Madonna’s touch will be everywhere,” the press release claims. That’s interesting. Our question is—what happened to the Madonna who honed her sinewy muscles on New York City’s boutique fitness studios?

Logo for Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness CentersAmy Leclerc, of BarWorks and barre3, who works closely with Sadie Lincoln, Madge’s trainer, says the concept is internationally focused for now. “The square footage of these locations is massive!” enthused Leclerc. “That tends to be the trend in larger markets abroad. It actually works in opposition to how things are progressing locally in New York City, where boutique-style concepts are more prolific.”

No word yet on the cost of working out at Hard Candy. But based on the amenities, it sounds like it could rival Tracy Anderson’s astronomical membership fees. Perhaps the Queen of Pop has finally returned to her Material Girl roots?