Manhattan’s new home for Vedic meditation

vedic meditation Ben Turshen has taught hundreds of New Yorkers how to drown out the sirens and cab horns and sit in stillness over the past two years through his meditation courses taught out of rented spaces like Studio Anya.

But earlier this month, the SoulCycle instructor and meditation guru opened the doors of his own center, Ben Turshen Meditation, in the Flatiron District (crossroads of all things healthy!), where he hopes to introduce even more numbers of stressed out urbanites to Vedic meditation, his practice of choice.

“Now we really have a place that we own, and I can provide a really comfortable environment for the experience, ” he says. “I want to make it the premier location for Vedic meditation in New York City.”

Unlike drop-in meditation studios like Los Angeles’ Unplug where it’s more about people stopping by to get their om on and then leaving, the center will serve as a homebase for Turshen’s dedicated community of students. To join, you take one of his four-session introductory courses and then get access to all of the drop-in group meditations and “knowledge meetings” that are regularly on the schedule. Turshen says he also plans to host workshops with other wellness gurus.

The space is small and “simple but elegant,” with one design aspect he’s particularly excited about: All of the art on the walls was created by his 70-year-old mother, who after 50 years of working in advertising and branding found her old creative passion ignited by meditation.

“When she learned how to mediate with me two years ago, she got inspired to create again,” he says. “She had this overwhelming feeling of ‘I want to create art.'” If his teaching does that for more of his students, he probably won’t have trouble filling classes. —Lisa Elaine Held

Ben Turshen Meditation, 315 Fifth Avenue, Suite 800, between 31st and 32nd Sts., Flatiron District, New York, NY 10016,

(Photo: Danielle Bass)

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