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mario bataliMario Batali’s never met a form of meat he didn’t like. So it’s a surprise that he’s embraced Meatless Mondays, an organization that seeks to reduce meat consumption by 15 percent.

Every Monday Batali’s 14 restaurants across the country will serve at least two vegetarian options. (We’d like to place a bet now that they’re carbo-loaded pastas and pizzas.) Menus will specify these dishes as Meatless Monday options, using Mario’s new Meatless Mondays logo. Lest Molto Mario’s customers think the chef has lost his meat-eating mind?

“With this simple gesture,” drools Chris Elan, in the Huffington Post, “Mario will send a powerful message to other chefs and restauranteurs that we can all start the week right by eating our veggies.” And we can eat pork belly the other six days?

Pardon me for saying, but two vegetarian options offered just once a week looks pretty lazy to me. Particularly for an uber-credentialed chef like Batali, who’s a friend of the farm-to-table movement and believes in the responsible raising of animals. You know what also comes from farms? Vegetables.

Make an effort, Mario, and challenge yourself and your brilliant chefs with learning how to make creative—no, stunningly ingenious—vegetarian dishes that will be offered year-round and comprise at least 15 percent of your menu. Well + Good would be incredibly happy to test drive them for you…