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Martha Stewart teaches yoga in Grand Central Station

Martha Stewart
(Photo Credit: Nick D. for The Martha Stewart Show)

This Wednesday, your morning commute may be slightly disrupted by yogis rocking triangle poses in the middle of Grand Central Station—with Martha Stewart offering adjustments.

Yes, Stewart herself will be co-teaching a mega-yoga class at 7:00 a.m. under the iconic dome, alongside her long-time instructor. (Don’t show up with your mat—class is full.)

The yoga class is the kick-off of an over-the-top “American Made” festival that Stewart is hosting as a “salute to the goods conceived, created and produced in the U.S., the people who make them and the vibrancy and spirit of American entrepreneurialism and small business,” according to a press release. A roster of celebs will be joining her throughout the day, from Diane von Furstenberg to Dan Barber.

Stewart, who is an avid Iyengar yogi, is leading the class with her teacher, The Iyengar Institute’s James Murphy, who presumably helps her align her poses perfectly.

Hands and feet “just so” on the mat, silverware and linen “just so” on the table.

When it comes to breakfast, though, Stewart didn’t seem to pay much attention to the arrangement—the yogi wellness wake-up call ends with pastries from Bouchon Bakery.