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Photo: [email protected]

After Californian and meditation aficionado Tom Jordan went to the caves of India to meditate, a vision came to him: that of a super bendable teddy bear “yogi” with a blissful smile across his face.

And now that vision is a reality. Introducing: Meddy Teddy. Despite being only in the launch phase, Meddy Teddy already has over 10,000 Instagram followers and a fan base of yogi mom influencers (such as Summer Perez, The Giving Mom, and Kristin McGee). Oh, and he’s getting his own customized pair of striped leggings from K-Deer (no joke).

Photo: Instagram/@meddyteddy
Photo: [email protected]

Meddy Teddy is designed to teach young kids about mindfulness and health through yoga and meditation (they call it meddytation) in a way that relates to them specifically (and makes their oms a lot more fun).

Since yoga and meditation can be beneficial to kids in a number of ways, studies show—including improved academic performance and memory, higher self-esteem and self-control, and reduced anger and depression—Meddy is more than just a toy. He is pliable enough to show kids what a tree pose looks like, for example, and he looks completely at ease while doing it—unlike some adults (ahem) trying to get through a challenging vinyasa flow.

Photo: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good
Photo: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good


We just got a Meddy Teddy in our office, and I can attest to the smiles he brings to team Well+Good. The little guy’s peaceful face just emanates glee and does wonders for the morale of adults—so imagine what he can do for children everywhere.

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