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Lululemon class stretchingJust in time for summer sidewalk cocktail season (almost), a new fitness studio slated to open later this month serves body-sculpting barre classes—and mojitos brimming with organic purifying mint.

Barre Bar, in Union Square, is the brainchild is Helena Tucker-Weiss, a longtime Physique 57 devotee. (And a fan of the astringent health properties of mint.)

Necessity was the mother of invention, as is so often the case. Tucker-Weiss was frustrated that there were no decent bars serving all-natural cocktails near Physique 57’s Spring Street location. “I wanted to be able to get a stevia-based or organic mixed drink after class, and I assumed others did, too. Fit people like happy hour!”

Organic Mojito
Tucker-Weiss's signature organic mojito

As for the fitness-and-alcohol combo being a tough sell, Tucker-Weiss says, “Barre classes in New York are as much about studio culture as they are about the workout. So by creating a studio with a bar inside of it, I’m able to cater to my clients fitness life and their social life.” Tucker-Weiss supervises the bar—and the staff of barre instructors.

If the mojitos are a hit this summer, Barre Bar will introduce a full line of organic herbal-based cocktails. Tucker-Weiss has just one rule, students have to workout first—no boozing and barre-ing.


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