6 things you’d never guess about Miranda Kerr’s wellness routine

Supermodels land the high-fashion campaigns and pro athletes get the sportswear contracts—unless, that is, you’re Miranda Kerr.

The blue-eyed graduate of Victoria’s Secret University joined the ranks of Ronda Rousey and Tara Stiles when she signed on with Reebok in 2014. What, exactly, did the sneaker and athletic apparel company see in someone whose heaviest lifting may have come from hoisting on a pair of wings?

A lot, it turns out: Kerr is not only a stunner, but also someone whose passion for leading an active, healthy lifestyle has been with her practically since birth. (And let’s not forget: Those wings can weigh as much as 60 pounds.)

“There wasn’t a wellness awakening for me; it was just a way of life,” she told us over a Reebok-hosted lunch in Los Angeles, pointing to the fact that growing up in Australia meant sprawling wilderness to explore, and processed foods (like frozen pizza) were hard to come by.

She may now be far from home, but the Los Angeles transplant has kept that Oz ethos alive and well (Exhibit A: Her organic skincare line, Kora). To find out more about her habits, we quizzed Kerr on her wellness routine—here are the six biggest surprises:

1. Farm-to-table? For Kerr, it’s more like backyard-to-table.
Don’t let her Malibu zip code fool you—the supermodel grew up on a farm five hours outside of Sydney, where from a young age she was expected to pitch in. “I grew up hanging around my grandmother in the kitchen, learning how to grow veggies and cook them,” she says. Processed foods were never even an option growing up, which Kerr credits as the major reason why she’s so healthy today.

2. She’ll always opt for a mat over a board.
In Kerr’s case, the stereotype of the surf-obsessed Aussie definitely does not apply. “I’m scared of sharks, so I spent more time riding on a motorbike than on a surfboard,” she admits. Her high school, however, had yoga class, so she stayed grounded as a teen by om’ing after homeroom.

3. An acupressure mat is a globe-trotting maven’s best friend.
Topping Miranda’s list of wellness rituals is her acupressure mat, which she says has racked up almost as many frequent flyer miles as she has. As soon as she gets to her hotel room, she unfurls it, lies down, and lets the mat get to work on keeping her balanced.

4. She likes her juice bars low-key.
While the rest of Los Angeles may run from one of-the-moment juice bar to the next, Kerr has her favorites and sticks with them. Topping her list is SunLife Organics, where she tells us she goes every single day when she’s in Malibu. Judging by their menu (oh, hello, resveratrol-boosted Fountain of Youth smoothie), we don’t blame her.

5. Her favorite cocktail… is the Myers’ Cocktail [AKA an IV drip].
The vitamin IV drips that all of Hollywood’s obsessed with? Yeah, Kerr admits she loves them too. “With all of my travel and flying, it’s really hard to stay hydrated,” she says, adding, “And [the IV is] really hydrating.” Her favorite time to get hooked up? When she’s at a shoot, getting her hair and makeup done.

6. Best way to detox? Powering off her phone…
No matter how busy she gets, Kerr is very insistent about knocking out all of the power in her room (and her son’s, who she says she’s trying to instill a sense of routine in him) come bedtime. The buzz and whir drives her crazy, she tells us, so even her cell phone gets turned off for the night. That could explain the dearth of late-night Instagram selfies on her feed. –As told to Linda Honan and Rebecca Willa Davis

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(Photo: Reebok)

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