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My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Patricia Moreno

green juice recipe Patricia MorenoSome people ooze positive energy, like IntenSati creator Patricia Moreno, whose Equinox classes are packed anytime of day, and whose  affirmation-based fitness philosophy turns students into teachers.

One of things she attributes to being a 24/7 mind-body powerhouse? Her favorite green juice, which she says not only tastes great but also “uplifts my mood and attitude.”

Need a boost? Try the recipe, and hang out with Moreno on October 20, when she’ll team up with green-juice-drinking sister Gabrielle Bernstein to host the Spirit Junkie Sati workshop. —Melisse Gelula

H.O.T! (Hydration of Transformation)

2 bunches of kale
3 stalks of celery
small handful of parsley
1 whole green apple
2 peeled lemons
a chunk of ginger (more ginger than you think necessary)
5 shakes of cayenne pepper (enough to make you sweat a little!)

Juice, and pour over ice!

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