My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Patricia Moreno

Get H.O.T. (Hydration of Transformation), the IntenSati founder's favorite green juice recipe.

green juice recipe Patricia MorenoSome people ooze positive energy, like IntenSati creator Patricia Moreno, whose Equinox classes are packed anytime of day, and whose  affirmation-based fitness philosophy turns students into teachers.

One of things she attributes to being a 24/7 mind-body powerhouse? Her favorite green juice, which she says not only tastes great but also “uplifts my mood and attitude.”

Need a boost? Try the recipe, and hang out with Moreno on October 20, when she’ll team up with green-juice-drinking sister Gabrielle Bernstein to host the Spirit Junkie Sati workshop. —Melisse Gelula

H.O.T! (Hydration of Transformation)

2 bunches of kale
3 stalks of celery
small handful of parsley
1 whole green apple
2 peeled lemons
a chunk of ginger (more ginger than you think necessary)
5 shakes of cayenne pepper (enough to make you sweat a little!)

Juice, and pour over ice!

For more information about Patricia and IntenSati, visit  and


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