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PriyaStunning Priya Pandya, with her flashing eyes, big smile, and radiant skin, is the co-founder of Doonya, an enormously popular Bollywood dance inspired workout offered in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

The Indian beauty’s days are spent teaching dance classes. And her skin seems to look all the more gorgeous for it. Her tricks?

“I definitely don’t wear makeup, because Doonya is a cardio program, so I sweat a lot,” she says. “But it’s actually a great facial.”

Pandya’s beauty outlook is largely holistic. She believes in following your Ayurvedic beauty dosha as a skin-care guide (hers is Pitta, which means she has combination skin and responds better to lighter products), and always tries to choose natural and organic products. Read on for the five beauty products Pandya can’t get enough of right now. —Jamie McKillop

1. DIY organic dry milk cleanser ($8) I used to use all different types of cleansers for my skin, but using milk as a cleanser just feels so great. The lactic acid is actually an exfoliant, so it’s cleansing your skin—and it’s so easy I can take it or get it anywhere.

2. Ole Henriksen All Purpose Aloe Vera Gel ($21) My aunt always says that our family is really prone to getting dark circles and this works really well to combat that. I find that face and eye creams get too sticky or oily when you’re dancing. But this is so light I put it all over my face.

3. Pratima Liposomes ($35) I love all of Dr. Pratima Raichur’s products. Her book Absolute Beauty is a lot of same beauty philosophies I also believe in. It’s a vitamin C serum and you can combine it with your specific dosha oils. I use it after the milk powder cleanser. I put it on just when my skin is still damp, and you don’t even need a moisturizer. I also use it at night and it gives me all the moisture I need.

4. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($85) My skin is very active because I dance and sweat so much, so I use this to exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week. Once a week is the minimum to make sure your cells are turning over. I like it because it’s very effective yet gentle. I’ll also use real fruit as a mask like papaya with strawberries and banana for the natural enzymes.lrg-liposomes

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Demolition ($19) It’s the one actual makeup item I can’t live without. The color comes out very strong and soft. Black is just too harsh. The deep matte brown brings out the brown in my eyes, so you can see eye expressions more. When it comes to Bollywood dancing it’s all about expression in the eyes! I use a little bit on the corner of my eyes to accentuate them. It also comes off easily, even though it’s waterproof.

Beauty Bonus! Organic Ghee ($12.95) I use Indian butter to wipe off my eyeliner at night. It comes right off in two seconds.

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