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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Sarma Melngailis

sarma melngailis pure food and wineNew York is humming with passionate vegans, raw foodies, and locavores that care deeply about the cleanliness of their cuisine.

But not all of them are as careful about what they put on their skin as in their mouths.

Sarma Melngailis, owner of Pure Food & Wine and One Lucky Duck, walks the talk.

The raw-food beauty only uses natural skin-care products, and she has great taste. Melngailis favors small-batch, indie brands made with love—almost all of which she stocks at One Lucky stores. Here’s the crop of products that are part of her beauty routine this season:

dry brushing for beauty

1. Dry Skin Brush ($9.99)
Dry brushing feels amazing before you get into the shower. It’s incredibly good for circulation and exfoliation— and it wakes you up. Just make sure to find a soft one. Some are hard and feel almost painful!

2. Simply Divine Botanicals Face the Day ($49.95)
I’m madly in love with this nourishing spray made with concentrations of seaweeds. It’s really good for sun damage. I find it incredibly refreshing and spray it on my face first thing in the morning, and sometimes during the day. I also never board a plane without it. It meets the carry-on requirement, and I can’t imagine tolerating the dry flight without it.

natural skin serum for dry skin

3. JUJU Natural Dry Skin Serum ($60)
I love serums, and this one is made of really special ingredients, such as baobab fruit, seeds, and leaves—from a tree native to Africa. It feels really healing and is loaded with antioxidants.

4. Virgin Oil De Coco-Creme ($39)
This coconut butter is so amazing and multi-purpose. I keep a jar in my kitchen and one in the bathroom. I use it to remove my makeup, on my face at night, as a hair treatment, to shave my legs, and as an all-over moisturizer after a shower—just to name a few uses. Oh, my dog loves it, too, and I think it helps him have a shiny coat.

hemp organics lipstick

5. Hemp Organics Lipstick in Rose Petal ($12.75)
Given all the really toxic things in lipsticks and that it’s going directly on your mouth, it’s important to use natural lipstick. Hemp Organics lipsticks are great. I’ve been using the pink-colored Rose Petal for years. I buy it at Whole Foods, usually five or six at a time.—Melisse Gelula